New urban visions: Bringing digital social innovation into City Hall

Join DSI4EU in Warsaw on 25th June to help shape new urban visions and explore how city governments and the DSI community can work together to improve people’s lives.

Cities face huge and growing challenges, from pollution to housing shortages to inequality. Traditional, tech-first smart city approaches have failed to deliver, often at huge cost to the public purse and to citizens’ privacy.

Digital social innovation (DSI) presents a radical alternative, focused on using open and collaborative technologies to put people at the heart of modern cities. From open hardware kits for monitoring pollution to DIY machines for recycling plastic, from open-source platforms for participatory democracy to whole districts of cities dedicated to digital making, DSI initiatives are emerging from the grassroots and demonstrating vast potential.

As pioneering cities across the world are beginning to show, strategic policymaking and support from city governments can be the key to success for DSI initiatives. There is a huge opportunity for city governments to support DSI and reshape technology as a force for good. 

New urban visions, the final event of the EU-funded DSI4EU project, will see the launch of our experimental index and ideas bank, a pioneering piece of work exploring how city ecosystems and governments can support and work with DSI, and of our new collection of positive visions for the future of DSI.

The event is open to everyone across Europe, and particularly aimed at: representatives of city governments, local government associations, city networks, umbrella bodies; representatives of central government; DSI practitioners; and funders of DSI, tech for good, civic tech and public sector innovation.

DSI4EU has a small number of bursaries of up to €150 for people from under-represented groups and countries who would like to attend the event. Apply at

New urban visions will be an informative, inspiring and informal mixture of talks, discussions, interactive workshops and networking. We can’t wait to see you there!


Where’s the event taking place? New urban visions is taking place at Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy, a hub for social innovation in the Warsaw. The Polish capital is one of Europe's most vibrant cities and a growing tech hub - and it's beautiful in the summer!

Is it free? Yes! We are a publicly-funded project, so no one should have to pay to attend.

What language will it be in? All the sessions will be in English.

I can’t afford the trip - can you help? We’re delighted to announce we have a small number of bursaries of up to €150 for people from under-represented groups and countries. Apply at

Who's funding the event? The event is organised as part of the DSI4EU project, which has received generous funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme.

Who can give me more information? Email us at if you have any further questions.