About us

Who are we?

Ukrmedia is technology Public Organization founded in Kyiv in 2015.

The core of the team consists of 5 people who are passionate of digital technologies and innovations.

The first products of the organization is software engine based on Python programming language and Content management system (CMS) created on its basis.

Starting from 2017, the Ukrmedia team has focused on a project that will give all large and small cities of Ukraine the opportunity to receive free innovative digital participation tools to engage with the public and involve them in the process of making and taking decisions.

We believe that expanding citizens' rights and opportunities through digital solutions can not only help municipalities to make more informed decisions, but also contribute to building a culture of trust and respect and strengthening democracy.

What is Civic Space?

Civic Space is an online platform for civic engagement to bring citizens to city management

Civic Space contributes to the development of direct bilateral dialogue between the city authorities and its inhabitants.

Citizens publish their ideas on the platform site, participate in contests, public consultations, debates, implement joint projects in a convenient and accessible form.

City municipal authorities consult with their citizens through online discussions, public consultations, surveys or a competition for creative solutions for the best solution to an existing problem.

The platform helps cities to turn to the collective intelligence of citizens. Helps to understand, hear the citizens.

Helps the municipality become more sensitive to the needs of the public.

Civic Space, this is a Ukrainian participatory democracy platform that works in four dimensions:

1. Digital platform

Together, this is a digital platform used to coordinate public participation. The key to creating a more open, transparent, shared and democratic society.

2. Platform of cooperation

Any citizen can use the online civilian platform in common to create a great team or find partners to strengthen their projects.

3. Platform for growth

It is jointly a platform for building and improving cooperation between citizens, social groups and organizations, political representatives and technical staff of the city council, researchers, social hackers and civic activists.

4. Media platform

Broad media platform capabilities Allow you to create and distribute your own thoughts, news, research, and the organization of civil society you represent.

How can I join a participatory decision-making process?

Register now!

In order to publish news, ideas, projects and proposals, send messages and keep up to date with all the events in the life of civil society in Ukraine.

Set up your account

In order to support projects, ideas and initiatives, to vote in public consultations as a citizen, organization or community, you need to create an account.

Be informed

Get information about current party processes, view news, ideas, learn about co-options, join public consultations, and meet up.

Become part of the decision-making process

Share news, post new ideas, suggestions, support existing ones, gather team for collaborative projects.


Explore ideas and suggestions, engage in discussions and debates, review projects and any other activities on the Platform.


Want to change the world around?

Want to live in a better world?

Let's jointly decide what city we want!

Join the online community of change authors!

Are you dreaming to be part of the Civic Space team? Email us at info@civicspace.info

Are there any suggestions for cooperation? Email us at info@civicspace.info

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