User`s manual

Municipal Social Network "Civic space" is an online platform for dialogue and communication between the authorities and the community.

Using the services of the platform, citizens will have the opportunity to:

  • Create own media page, and disseminate their thoughts, news and other publications;
  • Create pages for organizations they are involved in, which will become the media outlets for each of them;
  • Find like-minded people, partners, sponsors;
  • Propose and implement their socially important ideas, initiatives and projects;
  • Act as an expert in public hearings;
  • Address to the representatives of local self-government with the appeal, proposal, complaint;
  • Create petitions;
  • Conduct surveys;
  • And much, much more.

Don't delay, join. Together we can change our country!

To ensure that you do not have difficulty in working with the platform, we have specially created for you a User Manual. The instructions cover all the nuances of working with the system.

We tried to explain everything as clearly and simply as possible. But if you feel that you need personal advice, explanations, explanations, please email us for support info@spilno.organd we will contact you as soon as possible and answer any questions.




Section 1. User registration

1.1. Why sign up for the Platform site?

1.2. How do I register on the Platform Website?

1.3. Account activation


Section 2: Login to the site

2.1. Login to the Site

2.2. How do I reset my password?


Section 3. User cabinet

3.1. Login to the User's Office

3.2. Administrative interface of the user's office

Block 1: Registration data

Block 2: Contact details

Block 3: Profile Cover

Block 4. Security

Block 5. Competencies and interests

Block 6. A few words about yourself

3.3. Edit profile photo

3.4. Download profile cover

3.5. Public interface or user page


Chapter 4: User`s Menu

4.1. User menu

4.1.1. Create post

4.1.2. My posts

4.1.3. Create an idea

4.1.4. My ideas

4.1.5. Create a proposal

4.1.6. My suggestions

4.1.7. Create an organization

4.1.8. My organizations

4.1.9. My profile

4.1.10. Go out


Chapter 5: Publication (Post)

5.1. How to create a post?

5.2. Creating a post

5.2.1. Type of material 

5.2.2. Section

5.2.3. City

5.2.4. District

5.2.5. Title

5.2.6. Description

5.2.7. Tags

5.2.8. Image

5.2.9. Video

5.2.10. Contents

5.2.11. Link

5.2.12. Status

5.2.13. Publication time

5.3. Content text editor menu

5.4. How do I view all my posts?

5.5. How do I edit a post?


Section 6: Organization Registration

6.1. How do I register with the Platform Website?

Registration data block

Contact Information Block

6.2. Roles of organization members

6.3. Types of organizations







Section 7: Organization cabinet

7.1. Entrance to the Organization Cabinet

7.2. The administrative interface of the organization cabinet

Block 1: Cover

Block 2: Registration data

Block 3: Place of registration

Block 4: Contact details

Block 5: Description

Block 6: Internet and social networks

Block 7: Competencies and interests

Block 8: Team

Block 9: Coalition

7.3. Change your organization logo

7.4. Download your organization profile cover

7.5. Public page of the organization


Section 8: Organization Posts

8.1. How do I create a post on behalf of an organization?

8.2. Creating an organization post

8.2.1. Organization

8.2.2. Type of material

8.2.3. Section

8.2.4. City

8.2.5. District

8.2.6. Title

8.2.7. Description

8.2.8. Tags

8.2.9. Image

8.2.10. Video

8.2.11. Contents

8.2.12. Link

8.2.13. Status

8.2.14. Publication time

8.3. Content text editor menu

8.3.1. Placing the image in the text

8.3.2. Placing video in text

8.4. Moderation of organization posts


Section 9: The Idea

9.1. How to create an idea?

9.2. Creating an idea

9.2.1. Title

9.2.2. Organization

9.2.3. Scale

9.2.4. Branch

9.2.5. Source of funding

9.2.6. Budget

9.2.7. The term of implementation

9.2.8. Description

9.2.9. Cover

9.2.10. Files

9.2.11. Video

9.2.12. Link

9.2.13 Authors

9.2.14 Status

9.3. How do I see all my ideas?

9.4. How do I edit an idea?


Section 10: Participation Processes

10.1. How to create a participation process?

10.2. Creating a Participation Process

10.2.1. Title

10.2.2. Organization

10.2.3. Type of process

10.2.4. Scale

10.2.5. Branch

10.2.6. Source of funding

10.2.7. Budget

10.2.8. Start time

10.2.9. End time

10.2.10. Description

10.2.11. Cover

10.2.12 Files

10.2.13 Video

10.2.14 Link

10.2.15 Status

10.3. Resolution

10.4. How do I see all my participation processes?

10.5. How do I edit the participation process?


Section 11: Proposal for the Participation Process

11.1. How do I create a proposal for the participation process?

11.2. Creating a proposal for the participation process

11.2.1. Process

11.2.2. Title

11.2.3. Organization

11.2.4. Budget

11.2.5. The term of implementation

11.2.6. Description

11.2.7. Cover

11.2.8. Files

11.2.9. Video

11.2.10. Link

11.3. How do I see all my suggestions for participation processes?

11.4. How do I edit my proposal for the participation process?


Section 12: Project

How to create a project?

Creating a project

Project stages

Project checkpoints

How to join the project?

How can I see all my projects?

How do I edit my project?


Section 13: Petition

How to create a petition?

Creating a petition

Assess the quality of the response to the petition

How do I view all my petitions?

How do I edit my petition?


Section 14: Appeal

 How do I create an appeal?

Creating an appeal

Types of appeals

Evaluation of the quality of response to the appeal

How can I see all my appeals?

How can I edit my appeal?


Section 15: Event

 How to create an event?

Creating an event

Types of events

How can I see all my events?

How can I edit my events?


Section 16: Vacancy

How to create a vacancy?

Creating a vacancy

Types of vacancies

How do I see all my vacancies?

How do I edit my vacancy?


Section 17: Grant

How to create a grant?

Creating a Grant

How can I see all my grants?

How can I edit my grant?


Section 18: mailing list

How can I create a mailing list?

Creating a mailing list

Subscribe to mailing list


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