Team of SPILNO/Civic space became on of the winners of SDG Hakaton

The UN is an organization of united nations, the statute of which is said: to deprive future generations from the horrors of war, to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, equality of men and women, equality of the rights of large and small nations, to create the conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be respected and to promote social progress and the improvement of living conditions in greater freedom, guided by these guidelines.

The UN has implemented 17 goals of sustainable development, aimed at overcoming the main problems of humanity, for the sake of a beautiful future.

When we learned about such an event as SDG Hakaton, which was made possible by the organization Startup Kyiv and its head Alevtine Pabst in close cooperation with DTEK Academy, and which was dedicated to this topic, we did not waste time immediately registered.

Even though we filed an application too late, we were flown to this startup community.

The event took place in the premises of DTEK Academy located on the territory of Unity City.

There are no words to describe the stylish interior and the newfangled architectural style of the DTEK academy building.

On July 5, during the opening, we were pleasantly impressed by the fact that so many talented youth teams gathered at this event, which were very strong. Each team with unique projects, innovations, ideas, so great that we did not even dare to think about our victory.

Day 2 began with mentorial sessions that were for us like a cold shower.

Our first mentor was  Jane Klepa, who helped us to deal with the problem of monetization which is very urgent for us today. It is very difficult to do something useful without having budget.

Then we took up a true specialist in his case  Iryna Verbitska, which spread our presentation in the fluff and dust, leaving no stone and stone on it.

The next mentor was Oleksandr Babiy, who taught us all the mentors for the longest time, and whose critique led us to see problems that we have not yet taken into account and about which we hardly guess.

The third day was full of work, because thanks to esteemed mentors, we had to come up with new solutions that uniquely led us to victory and, hopefully, will bring us even more victories in the future.

One of the main points was the final presentation of our project to the members of the jury - it was really the most stressful moment, the apogee of three day work, and then a long wait for results.

And how we were told before the announcement: the outcome and final decisions were made in a dispute between the jury. And it speaks the high professionalism and branching out of ideas among the rival teams.

The most memorable moment was our victory, and when, during the announcement of the finalists we called our team, we did not believe in the reality of what is happening and, apparently, if Olena Maslyukivska-Samberg, who announced the results did not call us by a gesture, we would have been sitting there with not understanding who won.

Thank you very much to the organizers, jury, mentors, participants, volunteers and narrator  Volodymyr Zubchenko for his humor and charisma.